Are there any restrictions about what items can be listed?

Yes, please see the guidelines page.

No, for security reasons we do not allow linking to external websites.

How can I tell how many people viewed my post?

Every posting has a views count located in the Stats area that shows the number of times it's been viewed since it was posted.

How can I post anonymously and still receive responses?

Yes, your identity is anonymous. BargainCity protects your real name and email address (unless you reply to a buyers reply, of course).

Can I add HTML tags in my postings?

No, HTML tags are not allowed.

What should I do if a buyer wants to buy my item?

  • Arrange a time and place for the buyer and you to get together. Plan it so that you are not home alone.

  • Have the item ready to test (i.e. if an electronic good, have it plugged in ready to test) outside or in your foyer area or garage. Do not invite the Buyer into your place of residence.

  • Ask for cash; only accept a cheque or money order if you can wait for it to clear before giving the item to the buyer.

Why don't my postings reflect changes I've made right away?

You'll need to wait for our servers to be informed of the change and start displaying the new changes. This typically takes about 10 minutes.

What is the Posting # for?

Each posting is assigned a unique posting identifier which sellers can use to direct buyers to their posting. The posting # be found on all item detail pages.

When will my posting appear online?

The listing and search pages are updated every 10 minutes.

Where is my posting?

If you have posted an posting but you can't find it, there are a few things to consider:

  • You may need to refresh/reload the page that displays postings for the category where your ad was posted in.

  • Make sure you are looking in the correct category.

  • If you are unable to locate your ad using a keyword search, make sure that the keyword actually appears in the text of the ad.

  • Other possibilities: your post may have expired, or it may have been flagged .

Why should I add photos to my posting?

The saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words" really applies to BargainCity postings. No matter how well you describe your item, most buyers want to see a photo before they purchase. Plus, there's a higher change of someone noticing your item by it's photo when they are browsing or searching.

How can I increase the chance of getting a good response to my post?

To increase the chance of getting a good response, follow these simple tips:

  • Make the title and description as detailed as possible. For example, when selling a product include its brand, model number, condition, and features.

  • If you are flexible on price, state that you will accept "best offer".

  • Include one or more photos

  • Make it easy for the buyer to pick up the item; let them know where the item is located and when you will be available.

Why am I getting an error about banned words when posting?

First, make sure the contents of your posting does not violate the posting content guidelines and terms of use policies. If your post does not violate these policies, then check the post and eliminate potentially offensive language. If you are still having trouble, contact us along with the title and description of your post and we will gladly help you identify and remove the banned words.

How do I share a posting with someone?

Navigate to the posting you'd like to share and simply click the Share button and choose the Email to friend option and fill out the form to send an email with the link to the posting.

How can I promote my postings?

Post a link to your item(s) on your Facebook profile, Twitter and other social networks.

How do I know when my posting has been flagged?

There are two ways.

  1. If your posting is flagged by the community you will get an email telling you it was flagged.

  2. If your posting is flagged by the moderators, there will be no email, it will just be gone.

Why doesn't my post show up?

There are 2 possible reasons your this:

  • You haven't confirmed your email address after signup, check your email from the confirmation emial and follow the link to activate your account.

  • Your post violates the Terms of Use or maybe you've violated the Terms of Use in the past and you've been blocked from posting items.

Why was my post removed?

There are 4 possible reasons your posting was removed:

  • Your posting expired.

  • Your posting was flagged by other users.

  • Your posting violated the Terms of Use.

  • You deleted the posting yourself.

How can I report any scam messages I receive?

If you get any suspicious messages from BargainCity users, please let us know immediately. Remember that the best protection from scams is to buy, sell and trade with people in your own community.

And as always, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

What items are prohibited?

Bargaincity prohibits the posting or sale of a number of items, such as firearms, regulated products and services and any illegal goods and services that are illegal under any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation at a local, state, provincial, national or international level. Some examples of items that are not allowed:

  • Alcoholic beverages & tobacco products

  • Animals, plants and insects that are regulated or prohibited for sale under applicable laws

  • Blood, bodily fluids and body parts

  • Embargoed goods

  • Items designed to be used to commit a crime including not without limitation burglary tools, false identification and items used to manufacture illegal explosives or controlled substances

  • Material that infringes copyrights, trademarks or other third party rights

  • Material that contains child pornography or is harmful to minors

  • Misrepresentations and counterfeit or fraudulent items

  • Prescription drugs

  • Services or merchandise that promote hatred and violence against specific groups of people

  • Services that are illegal including without limitation prostitution

  • Stocks and other securities

  • Stolen goods or property with serial number removed or altered

  • Weapons (including but not limited to firearms, martial arts weapons, silencers, ammunition, disguised, or switchblade knives, BB guns, stun guns or tear gas) and weapons parts.

  • Fireworks

  • Items containing hazardous substances or pesticides.

  • Items that restrict transfer (such as tickets or coupons) and items you are not authorized to sell.