Do capitals matter when performing a search?

No, searching is not case sensitive, so using capitals will make no difference to your search results.

What will happen if I search with multiple keywords?

Typing more than one keyword when you search will display only ads that contain all keywords. However, the words do not necessarily need to appear together.

Example: Typing camera batteries:

Will find postings that include both the words 'camera' and 'batteries'.

How do I do wildcard searches?

You can use an asterisk character '*' to find postings that include the part of the word you've typed in.

Example: Type bat* to find postings that contain the words:


How do I exclude a word from my search?

To exclude one or more words type a minus sign (-) in front of a word to exclude listings containing that word.

Example: Searching bluetooth speaker -logitech finds postings that contain the words 'bluetooth speaker' but not if they include the word 'logitech'.