Getting started

Is BargainCity free to use?

Yes. Everyone can buy and sell items at no cost.

Do I need an account to post items?

Yes, you will need an account to post items.

Why are listings limited to Canada?

By limiting our service to Canadian residents, we hope to provide a safer community for our users. Over the years, buyers and sellers have found that sending payment or shipping items internationally offers them little protection or tracking capability.

At this time, we do not have plans to expand Bargaincity outside Canada.

What should I do if I see a posting that I think is spam, offensive, miscategorized or illegal?

If you see a posting which you think is illegal, prohibited or otherwise inappropriate, please report it by clicking on the Flag button.

How do I report a inappropriate/questionable posting?

If you find a posting that is not in compliance with our Guidelines or Terms of Use policies please let us know. At the bottom of every posting is an option to report it, complete the form with the reason and details and our moderators will take care of the rest.

How can I go back to a previously viewed item?

You can find your last 500 viewed items on your Recently viewed page.

What's Bargaincity?

Bargaincity is an engaging community of people like you who love to declutter and find deals! Our platform allows you to make money by posting items that you don’t use anymore. It is also an excellent way to save money and time by buying stuff at greatly discounted prices, without having to drive long distances to pick them up. Simple, and awesome!

What are the Bargaincity Terms & Conditions?

You can read the full Bargaincity Terms & Conditions here and our Privacy Policy here.

Why does Bargaincity need an invite code?

By using invitation codes we try to make sure that all Bargaincity users are trustworthy parties.

How does Bargaincity work?

Selling an item on Bargaincity is quick and easy. Simply take a photo of your item and upload it with a price along with a suitable title.

When you're done posting it, potential buyers will start contacting you about your item. After you’ve negotiated with a potential buyer, meet them in a public place to exchange your item for cash. Having done this, the sale is completed.

After the sale is complete, you have the option to rate the buyer so the other sellers can understand whether the buyer is legitimate and safe to deal with. Hence the buyer is allowed to do the same for you. So make sure you provide accurate information and excellent service when you’re selling.

Who is Bargaincity best for?

Bargaincity is best for individuals who want to earn extra income by selling everything from clothing to cars with no fees.

How do I get an invite code for Bargaincity?

You need to get one from someone who has already a Bargaincity account. Invite codes are directly issued by Bargaincity and offered to members as a reward for some of the tasks they perform and each time they reach a new level. The higher your level, the more invite codes you receive to share with your friends.

What do the symbols on Bargaincity mean?

We use several different icons and symbols throughout Bargaincity in order to provide you with useful information. Here’s a breakdown of what they mean:

· Heart icon on listings: Clicking the heart icon will add that listing to your likes. To see all your likes, click the My Stuff in the navbar.

Is Bargaincity going to add more categories?

We’re constantly making updates so more categories may be added in the future. In the meantime, select the category that fits the best or put your listing in the "Miscellaneous" category.

Keep in mind that buyers also use filters and search by keyword to find listings, so make sure your listing has a title and a detailed description that will help potential buyers find it!

Does Bargaincity have a mobile app?

You don't need an app to use Bargaincity on your phone or tablet! The web site works great on mobile.

How do I access someone else's profile?

Visit someone's profile if you'd like to see what they're selling, their rating and reviews, and their verification. To access their profile, click the profile picture that is included in their listing's information or in chats.